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Office location:
11 Kiel Avenue, 2nd Floor
Kinnelon, NJ
Phone: 973.838.7722

Here are some of the comments we have received from patients.  We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care.

"Dr. Shnayder and his staff gave me a very thorough checkup of my present condition. Dr. Shnayder also gave me full advice on arranging a correction program for my eyes".   - James A., Kinnelon

"My visit was very pleasant. I felt quite comfortable and I thought the doctor was very thorough".  - Joyce K., Butler

"I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Shnayder. He is very professional and I always get my questions and concerns addressed." - Edith M., Wayne

"I've been coming here for years. My visits are always pleasant and informative. I used to have to wait a little long but recently that's improved". - Pamela D., Pompton Plains

"My appointment went very well. Dr. Shnayder is super! Have been coming here for years.  -Stephen S., West Milford

"As always it is a pleasant to see and speak with Dr. Shnayder. He always answers all my questions and he is a true professional".           -Angel C., Riverdale

"I was really happy my appointment started on time. It was very well organized and thorough. One hour total was a reasonable time for an annual checkup. Been a long time patient." - Victor W., Oak Ridge

"I always get very upset prior to my exam. But Dr. Shnayder and his office staff make it easier. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. XOXOXO."   -Destiny W., Hewitt

"My visit to Dr. Shnayder's office was very professional, courteous, friendly and very kind. I have been going there since the 1970s and Dr. Castellucci". -Sheila M., Wanaque

"I would describe Dr. Shnayder's office as very satisfactory. I have been coming here for many years." - Regina R., Kinnelon

"My husband Jack told me about Dr. Shnayder. So I made an appointment. It was a very thorough exam. The entire office is very friendly".   - Susan L., West Milford

"I was a patient of the previous doctor. Dr. Shnayder is very informative and made me feel quite comfortable". - Lou A., Wayne

"Friendly. Helpful. Answers questions asked. Gave me positive direction for my eye condition. Thorough exam. - Ed E., Pompton Plains

"Efficient...very pleasant interaction with the optician and entire staff"  - Robert B., Pompton Plains

"The doctor really listens to what ails you. I feel he is very helpful. He also suggests non-prescription, which is good as well."                        - Therese, Kinnelon 

"Both the doctor and his assistant were pleasant and professional. I fully understood all procedures and the results". - Martha B., Wanaque

"As usual my checkup was very casual. The nurse and doctor were pleasant and answered all my questions." - Ted B., West Milford

"Always a good outcome. Been coming here for years."                                                                 - Dorothy L., Wanaque

"Dr. Shnayder and his staff are both knowledgeable & friendly."                                                                - John T. West Milford

"My visit was satisfactory and professional. Dr. Shnayder is excellent. His assistants are helpful and efficient."                    - Albert S., Hewitt

"This is my second visit and all I can say is EXCELLENT."                                                              - George G., Butler

"I would say my visit was comfortable, friendly and satisfying" -                                                                                   Giovanna C., Pequannock

"Very informal and on time."                                       - John P., Wayne

"I was a patient with Dr. Castellucci since the 1970s. I would describe my visit as prompt, friendly and on time."             - Debra M., Kinnelon

"It was short, sweet and simply. Very sociable and to the point."                                                       - Cynthia P., Pompton Lakes

"Been coming here for years. Everything is so easy and pleasant".                                                                                -Rose S., West Milford

"Dr. Shnayder listens to me and my treatments have been very successful."                                                          - Doug L., Oak Ridge

"I am a returning patient. Everything here is very pleasant."                                                      - Michael F., West Milford

"Dr. Shnayder and his staff are efficient and professional. I've been coming here for 30 years."                             - Michael R., West Milford

"I had an eye injury and have been coming here for many years. Dr. Shnayder is very good. No waiting is nice!"             - Carl V., Ringwood

"Dr. Shnayder is friendly and he never rushes you. He always takes the time to explain everything and answer all my questions. The receptionist makes you feel right at home. I feel like I'm part of the family. Wonderful!"                                                -Catherine S., Hewitt

"Very professional and informative. Good medical care."                                                                        -William K, Butler

"Dr. Shnayder is the greatest! Everything during my visit is great and everyone is so nice and helpful."                     - Barbara M., West Milford

"We love everyone in that office"                           - Charles V., Butler

"Very professional, friendly and pleasant"              - Amy L., Kinnelon

"I learned about this office from my insurance directory. The location is very convenient."                                               - Marly C., Pequannock

"Thorough, informative and caring"                  - Anne E., Newfoundland

"Greeted warmly by Linda. Didn't need to wait very long. Seen promptly by Dr. Shnayder. Treated with expert care and all questions answered."                                                       - Nancy K., Bloomingdale

"Dr. Shnayder is very good".                               - Germane M., Hamburg

"Excellent. I've been a long time patient of this office." -Peggy H., Butler

"The office was clean. Everything went well. Dr. Shnayder is excellent".                                                                    - Mayra R., Butler

"Dr. Shnayder and his staff are professional and cordial"
Anthony C., Butler

"I would describe this office as very favorable. Everyone is friendly and helpful".
Elizabeth H., Butler

"Dr. Shnayder is very informative on how to treat my condition. That makes it easier to continue treatment".
Amelia E., Cedar Crest

"Dr. Shnayder is TERRIFIC!"
Betty B., West Milford

"All I can say is they are prompt, friendly and thorough".
Doris R., Pompton Plains

"Great place!"
Eleanor S., Odgensburg

"One of my relatives told me about Dr. Shnayder. He is professional and timely".
Bill S., Pequannock

"Dr. Shnayder is the best".
Joan M., Pompton Plains

"A friend of mine at Cedar Crest told me about Dr. Shnayder. I would say overall everything was satisfactory".
Mary Jane P., Cedar Crest

"My visit was very efficiently handled".
Frank I., Wayne

"I've been a patient for many years".
Ken D., Hewitt

"As usual, Dr. Shnayder was very informative from a medical point of view."
Dan P., Kinnelon

"I was very relaxed and comfortable in this office. Dr. Shnayder is very nice, thorough and informative".
James M., Vernon

"I've been a patient here since Dr. Castelucci. I would say Dr. Shnayder is very satisfactory".
Mary J., West Milford

"I didn't have to wait long...overall a pleasant experience".
Carol M., Jefferson Twp.

"Extremely satisfactory".
John F., Butler

"I have been a patient for ten years. Dr. Shnayder is on time, pleasant and informative."
Carol J., Oak Ridge

"Excellent...as always great service".
Scott S., Oak Ridge

"The staff is very friendly and the service is good".
Robert S., Bloomingdale

Dr. Shnayder relays a feeling of compassion and intelligence. My visits are always pleasant and thorough."
Patricia W., Butler

"My appointment was good. It was on time... and the results were good.
Dennis F., Butler

"Another physician recommended me to Dr. Shnayder. He is professional, caring, informative and friendly. I trust my eyes to this doctor."
Arden K., Kinnelon

I would say Dr. Shnayder is thorough and personable".
Ken T., West Milford

"Very good".
George V., Bloomingdale

"I was comfortable and confident of a good examination. The doctor gives me encouragement."
Margaret J., West Milford

"I was a patient of the previous doctor. Dr. Shnayder is very thorough and informative".
Cathy D., Kinnelon

"My visit was informative and thorough. Fortunately the results were favorable."
Catherine L., Wyckoff

"Very good, satisfactory and pleasant".
Joan A., Pompton Plains

"Everything went very smoothly. There was minimal wait."
Barbara K., Secaucus

"Dr. Shnayder is always professional and puts me at ease. He takes to explain things. I have total confidence in his ability."
Annette J., Butler

"Pleasant, organized, very thorough exam, good explanation".
Marc M., Kinnelon

Dennis H., Butler

"Very Helpful, professional and expedient".
Paul D., Kinnelon

"Very interesting".
Tom S., Kinnelon

"Everything was fine. My visit was on time and very good".
Joseph M., Hopatcong

"A very pleasant experience and a very thorough examination".
Audrey V., West Milford

"I often pass this office and I noticed the sign. Everything was great!"
Jesse D., Highland Lakes

"The doctor was very pleasant and thorough".
Virginia A., Wayne

"The receptionist was very friendly. There was no pressure to buy glasses."
Shawn S., Milton

"Dr. Shnayder was very helpful".
David V., Lincoln Park

"I had a very easy but important annual exam. Thanks for the service."
Cynthia R., Oak Ridge

"I found Dr. Shnayder through his website. He was very informative and very pleasant".
M.K., Kinnelon

"I am very pleased with Dr. Shnayder. I've been coming here for years."
Stacey L., Bloomingdale

"The office staff is pleasant. The exam was completed efficiently. No problems.
Barbara N., Lincoln Park

"I've been going to Dr. Castelucci for years so I continued with Dr. Shnayder."
Eileen H., Bloomingdale

"Very good, smooth and on time".
Harold C., Pompton Plains

"Good exam. Very informative about eye problems."
Helen K., Hewitt

" It was a good visit. I didn't have to wait too long."
Jill M., Milton

"Good check up."
Liz S., Kinnelon

"This was my first visit. Everyone was very friendly. Some family members referred me."
Lindsey B., Bloomingdale

"Very satisfying. Very thorough. Always pleasant with the patients."
Jean B., Kinnelon

"A pleasant relief"
N.H., Pompton Plains

"Very informative and pleasing".
Gloria P., Bloomingdale

I found Dr. Shnayder on the internet and his website. My apppointment was on time with no long wait and efficient. The staff was very polite and informative."
Diane Z., Newfoundland

Audrey W., Bloomingdale

"My visit with Dr. Shnayder was enjoyable and pleasant."
Joseph S., Pompton Lakes

"A friend told me about Dr. Shnayder. Everyone did a good job."
Harry F., Newfoundland

The staff was kind and easy to speak with. My visit was pleasant and professional. I found them on the internet."
Christopher W., Kinnelon

"Been coming to this office for years".
Barbara H., Pompton Plains

"Short, sweet and to the point."
C.B., Kinnelon

"No long wait. Friendly employees. Comfortable office setting."
Anne W., Kinnelon

"I always feel comfortable talking to the doctor and his assistant".
Shirley S., Butler

"As usual I was very happy".
Edward S., Butler

Exceptional, extensive exam resulting in a good report regarding diabetes and glaucoma condition".
Emil D., Kinnelon

It was quick and easy. No long wait."
Sonja V., Ringwood

Dr. Shnayder is pleasant, knowledgeable and informative."
Cheryl F., Oak Ridge

"Very satisfying. I've been a patient since the practice started."
Mike B., Boonton Twp.

"The doctor is very professional. I greatly appreciate the high level of courteousness."
Dorothy G., Orange

"My mother-in-law recommended Dr. Shnayder to me. Everyone there was very courteous and there were no issues."
George B., Bloomingdale

"Been coming here for years. Very efficient and complete."
Ed R., Cedar Crest

"I heard about the doctor through a friend. My visit was excellent."
Tom J., Kinnelon

I was pleasantly pleased with how I was treated beginning with the staff and happy to meet Dr. Shnayder. My daughter recommended him to me."
Pearl B., Sussex

"It was a very pleasant experience and pain free".
Margaret M., Butler

"Dr. Shnayder is professional, complete and quick."
Eileen P., Wayne

"The doctor is very informative and interesting."
Marjorie G., Kinnelon

"My parents told me about Dr. Shnayder. He was informative and thorough."
Courtney S., Pompton Plains

"Dr. Shnayder was pleasant and informative. My wife told me about him."
John V., Oak Ridge

"I was a patient of the former doctor at this practice. I would say Dr. Shnayder is very pleasant and professional."
Gail C., Lincoln Park

"Dr. Castelucci recommended me to Dr. Shnayder. His diagnosis sounds encouraging for my problem."
L.L., Pequannock

"Great doctor!"
Judy W., Bloomingdale

"Excellent in every minute of the visit"
Joanna J., Butler

"Went very well. Got good news in my testing. I was very pleased."
Elsie T., Kinnelon

"Been coming here for years. We are always treated in a prompt, courteous mannerby a staff of very professional people".
Dulcie & Roy S., Towaco

"Excellent doctor".
L.H., Haskell

"A very professional, thorough examination."
Lucille D., Belle Mead

"Always a very professional and very friendly staff. I was happy to learn my eyes are fine".
Dira S., Kinnelon

"Even though my visit seemed longer than usual, Dr. Shnayder is very profesional and thorough".
Joanne B., Stockholm

"Dr. Shnayder and his staff are very prompt and courteous".
C.M., Oak Ridge

"I feel confident with Dr. Shnayder and his staff".
Jennie S., Lincoln Park

" I learned about the practice through my insurance company. I was very happy".
E.V., West Milford

"Always a pleasant visit here".
Roger V., Kinnelon

"Very thorough, and I left feeling very comfortable about my vision".
Whitney D., Pompton Plains

"Everyone here is always very helpful".
Barbara T., Pequannock

"Nothing unusual. Dr. Shnayder thought my cataracts were getting worse".
Tom S., Pompton Plains

"Good place. Very professional".
Genevieve D., Butler

"This place is perfect".
Emilio S., Lincoln Park

"Very accommodating and pleasant".
Helen J., Pompton Plains

"Love your receptionist and Linda..we like you too Doc. Been coming here for a long time".
Stephen L., Bloomingdale

"Very good".
William M., Paterson

Sharyn M., Butler

"Pleasant and professional".
G.S., West Milford

"We come here for routine eye exams".
Jacob & Marleen H., West Milford

"Most pleasant and satisfactory. I learned about Dr. Shnayder from Pearl Vision".
Gloria B., Pompton Plains

"Like all my previous visits, everything was very, very good."
John N., Oak Ridge

"Dr. Shnayder is outstanding! He is always on the ball. Knows what he is doing".
Tony A., Hamburg

"Service was prompt, professional and friendly".
Jay L., Kinnelon

W.W., Oak Ridge

"I was satisfied but I had to wait".
Michael P., Kinnelon

"Very professional. Pleasant atmosphere. I was at ease and confident in the service".
Rev. Pat S., Clifton

"Very pleasant. Short wait. Dr. Shnayder took the time to explain Lasik to me so I could consider it. I have been coming to this office for years".
Kathleen B., West Caldwell

"Always a pleasurable experience. I was recommended by Dr. Brabston in Pompton Lakes."
Theresa B., Hamburg

"Dr. Shnayder is very thorough and very pleasant always."
Norma S., West Milford

"Great checkup. Dr. Shanyder is always very thorough."
Sheela B., Butler

"Pleasant, knowledgable, gentle, efficient."
Elaine T., Pompton Plains

"A friend recommended me to Dr. Shnayder. I had a great exam. The staff is very pleasant."
Josephine M., Pequannock

"Dr. Shnayder was great in answering questions and the staff there is really nice."
Job R., Highland Lakes

"Quick, easy, relaxing."
M.K., Kinnelon

" I had a very thorough eye exam. My appointment was on time and there was no waiting."
Cheryl M., Boonton

"Been coming here for years. Everyone is pleasant."
Jim V., Hewitt

"I had an excellent visit and I was happy all went well."
Ted B., West Milford

"Satisfied with everything but the long wait"
Carmen B., Butler

"My visit was very informative. I learned about my eye pressure"
Andrea D., Pequannock

"From our first meeting I was very aware that Dr. Eric was a "true physician" - indeed a rare breed. He listens and cares. Imagine that! I followed Dr. Eric from his previous practice."
Martha B., Bloomfield

"Dr. Shnayder is excellent"
Glenda H., West Milford

"I had a long wait but very good service."
Russell C., Sparta

"Dr. S. is very professional and effective."
Herbert T., Kinnelon

"The doctor is efficient, professional and complete."
Eileen P., Wayne

"I was quite satisfied with my visit with Dr. Shnayder."
Stephen K., Stockholm

"I've been coming here for years. I get excellent service."
Mary D., Pompton Plains

"I learned about Dr. Shnayder from one of his current patients. I found him to be pleasant, accomodating and informative."
Laurette E., Point Pleasant

"The doctor and staff are all very nice."
Perveen A., Butler

"My visit with Dr. Shnayder went very well as I expected. I heard about him from one of his former patients."
Charles N., Nutley

"Dr. Shnayder is very helpful and nice."
Sheila B., Pompton Plains

"I would say Dr. Eric is pleasant and very professional."
Daisy R., Kinnelon

"Dr. Shnayder is very professional, cordial, complete, and very informative."
Frank L., Lincoln Park

"Been coming here for many, many years. The doctor is very pleasant."
Yvonne F., Pompton Lakes

"Had an excellent visit. I love when the doctor says everything is good."
Helen S., Butler

"My visit with Dr. Shnayder was very good. Have been a patient there for many years."
Stephen S., West Milford

"Pleasant as usual."
Thomas R., Kinnelon

"My brother told me about the doctor. He is very pleasant, fast but thorough, and the employees are very nice."
Larry B., Lake Hiawatha

"A very helpful and pleasant staff."
Joan N., Kinnelon

"I like it here because they kept my visit under an hour."
William S., Oakland

"I had several exams. Everyone was very nice and thorough."
Catherine L., Haskell

"Painless, pleasant and efficient."
Leslie L., Pompton Plains

"Been coming here for years. Everything was fine."
Toni S., Stockholm

"My visit with Dr. Shnayder was pleasant although the wait was a little too long."
Janice V., Pompton Plains

"Was very happy with the results of my test."
Audrey K., West Milford

"I started seeing Dr. Shanyder when Dr. Castelluci retired. My visit was very thorough as always."
Concetta L., West Milford

"Great exam. Very informative.
Nadine W., Roxbury

"My visit today was friendly and informative as always."
Marie S., Montville

"I was very appreciative to get in right away"
Harold C., Pompton Plains

"My office visit was timely, courteous and professional. Dr. Shnayder is an excellent physician and seems very caring."
Rosemary V., Oak Ridge

"Very pleasant and professional from all the personnel".
William K., Butler

"Very pleasant and informative."
Lisa H., Bloomingdale

"A very pleasant visit and was very pleased with the results."
Angelo V., Bloomingdale

"Pleasant, thorough, informative and relaxing."
John P., Butler

"I was very pleased with the way the office is run and how the exam was given."
Louis M., Bloomingdale

"My appointment was right on time. The doctor explained everything clearly."
Annabel S., Pompton Lakes

"Very accommodating."
Inga S., Oak Ridge

"As always, pleasant and efficient."
Brigitte H., Pompton Plains

"Staff is pleasant. I like that there is no wait time."
Russ O., Bloomingdale

"I was very satisfied by all the office personnel."
Vito M., Pequannock

"My visit was very nice. Everyone was very helpful."
Juliet A., Jefferson Twp.

"Everything went very well."
Jacob V., Pompton Plains

"Very professional. Everything on time."
Ronald M., Butler

"I live in the neighborhood. Everything was what I expected."
A.R., Butler

"Very pleasant. Received a good exam."
Helen C., Bloomingdale

"Very pleasant. Very nice people to talk to."
Marilyn B., Pequannock

"Great Staff & Doctor!"
Florence A., Butler

"Very satisfied. I've been coming here for a long time."
Earl H., Butler

"We've been patients for many years. Dr. Shnayder answered all my questions in a very professional manner."
Catherine M., Hamburg

"Very happy because my appointment was on time and the doctor answered all questions."
Peter M., Kinnelon

"I enjoy having him as my eye doctor".
Margaret R., Butler

"I've been a long time patient. Everything here is great!"
Carole B., Pompton Lakes

"A co-worker told me about Dr. Shnayder. He is very pleasant."
Carolyn S., West Milford

"My wife & I are both patients here. Dr. Shnayder is excellent and very knowledgeable in his field."
Thomas D., Butler

"All three of my sisters told me about Dr. Shnayder."
Jean S., Pompton Plains

"A prompt & courteous staff, thorough examination, and complete discussion of my eye condition."
Genevieve M., Kinnelon

"Been coming here for years. Dr. Shnayder and his staff have a great way with the patients."
Russell F., Bloomingdale

"Dr. Shnayder is very thorough and informative. He explained all steps and my diagnosis."
Christie C., Riverdale

"It's very comfortable and friendly here."
Raymond B., Pompton Plains

"My visit was very good. I received good advice and got out on time."
Ruth S., Wayne

"My wife told me about Dr. Shnayder when she came here a month ago. Everything was very pleasant and informative."
Robert D., Kinnelon

"Dr. S. and his staff are always nice and they go over what I need to know."
Julie R., Fairfield

"Efficient, friendly, informative and thorough - a visit that is not to be dreaded but welcomed."
Arden K., Kinnelon

"Everything was OK. Dr. Silver recommended here."
Gerard L., Lincoln Park

"Very good!"
Jean G., West Milford

"Dr. Shnayder is dedicated and the staff is professional."
Wilma L., West Milford

"Fine & informative"
Marilyn L., West Milford

"Was a patient of Dr. C. My visit here was very smooth & pleasant. Staff is helpful and considerate."
Rose Q., Pompton Plains

"Smooth, efficient and quick."
Cassie L., Warwick, NY

"Dr. Shnayder is caring, pleasant and informative."
Margaret B., Pompton Plains

"Dr. Shnayder was very nice. He paid good attention to me. It was a very pleasant visit."
Sandra W., Greenwood Lake, NY

"Dr. Baer recommended me to come here. My visit was very pleasant."
Vincent L., Butler

"Very professional & pleasant."
Jeanne M., Lincoln Park

"Dr. Shnayder is friendly and professional."
Carol K., Bloomingdale

"We are long time patients. Our visits are always pleasant and efficient."
Al S., Milton

"I heard about Dr. Shnayder from my niece. Everyone here is very pleasant and caring. I really like Hillcrest Opticians next door."
Anna S., Butler

"Felt more relaxed this visit probably getting used to Dr. Shnayder."
Ron C., Bloomingdale

"A friend told me about Dr. Shnayder. My visit was pleasant, professional and caring."
Mary M., Butler

"Been coming here for 20 years. Excellent!"
Giff J., Butler

"Came for my regular checkup, got a new prescription for bi-focal eyeglasses. I was very satisfied with the service."
Biana K., Verona

"Really like Dr. Shayder. He is caring and attentive."
Marty B., Glenwood

"Was a patient of Dr. Castelucci."
Florence J., Jefferson Twp.

"Professional as usual."
Jay A., West Milford

"No problems. Very professional."
John K., West Milford

"Been coming here for 30 years."
Anne Marie B., West Milford

"Professional, courteous, and thorough. Staff is friendly and efficient."
C.S., Butler

"We had a very pleasurable appointment."
Muriel M., Pompton Lakes

"Patient care and awareness is very good. Very thorough."
Carol J., Putnam Station, NY

"Referred by Dr. Jaaj. Dr. Eric is very professional and friendly."
Ann T., Butler

"Complete, attentive and professional."
Susan L., West Milford

"Dr. Shnayder is great! Been a patient for a long time."
Joan M., Pompton Plains

"I am a long time patient."
Ruth G., Hamburg

"I saw your sign out front. Everything here was very good."
Ed D., Butler

"Came for my annual checkup. Needed new glasses and a new plug & medication. Everything was quick and simple."
Michele C., Butler

"I would say everything was very good to excellent."
R.S., Butler

"This office is very efficient and informative."
Richard G., Pompton Plains

"Been coming here since the previous doctor. Everything was pleasant and professional."
Joseph C., Wayne

"I found Dr. Shnayder through my insurance company. Excellent service."
Roseann G., Oak Ridge

"I found Dr. Shnayder to be very easy to speak with...he listened to me and explained my treatment. Found him through the United Healthcare website."
Gale B., West Milford

Andrew D., West Milford

"Pleasant, on time and efficient."
Alvan J., Oak Ridge

"I followed Dr. Shnayder all the way from South Orange. Dr. Shnayder wants the best for his patients and wants them to understand their condition. He is a kind and understanding professional."
Ron O., Edison

"Wonderful! Dr. Shnayder, Linda and Angela are all so nice."
Carol R., Hamden, NY

"This is an excellent facility. Very professional and friendly."
Dan D., Pompton Plains

"My exam was very thorough."
John V., Boonton

"I'm a repeat patient. Office staff is friendly & informative. Dr. Shnayder is also friendly, efficient and informative."
Traci M., West Milford

"I really appreciate that Dr. Shnayder took the time to be certain my contact lenses fit perfect and felt comfortable."
Patricia M., West Milford

"Very leasant and competent doctor and staff."
Betty Anne P., Wanaque

"My family has been coming here for a long time. This was my first time. Nice people. Nice office."
David D., Roseland

"I have been a patient here for 5 years."
James R., Hamburg

"Been going to Dr. Shnayder for many years. Everything here is pleasant, attentive and nicely done."
Gail M., Kinnelon

"No problems. Very pleasant & professional."
Jim P., Bloomingdale

"We have been patients with Dr. Shnayder since he took over from Dr. Castellucci. As always, very friendly, professional, competent and caring."
Mary Ann M., Pompton Plains

"Love your new office."
Vin L., Oak Ridge

"Very pleasant."
Ellen J., Butler

"Everything was great. Thank you."
Robert S., Kinnelon

"Been a long time patient. Prompt, excellent attention."
Aileen P., Pompton Plains

"First class care, knowledgable, efficient, courteous and convenient."
David T., Jefferson Twp.

"Been a patient here for 15 years. Everyone is very nice and helpful."
Jean M., Pompton Plains

"It was very good."
Clara W., Bloomingdale

" I am a long time patient here. Everyone is polite and helpful. No problems."
Ina H., Butler

"Dr. Shnayder is thorough and very helpful. The new office is professional looking, clean, bright and welcoming."
Joanne C., Butler

"Excellent service, friendly people and professional services of a fine doctor."
Geraldine C., West Milford

"My mom is a patient here. I brought my six year old son for the first time. Dr. Shnayder and Linda were great with him."
Gayle C., Pompton Lakes

"I received a thorough exam and the staff was friendly."
Lynn G., West Milford

"Beautiful new offices!"
Earle T., West Orange

"Had a bit of a long wait but I guess it's necessary. Your office is beautiful."
MaryJo L., West Milford

"Very impressed with the new office. Dr. Shnayder is first class."
Anna T., Bloomingdale

"Great! Love your office."
Eva C., Butler

"Referred by Dr. Branavan. My visit was pleasant, informative and very much needed."
Debra K., Newfoundland

"Everything was fine."
Angela S., Kinnelon

"I heard about this practice from a family friend. Very pleasant. All's well."
Carl S., Kinnelon

I woke up with a swollen eye. Dr. Shnayder was very thorough checking me and making a diagnosis."
Thomas K., Stockholm

"The new office is terrific. Very easy to get around in. Love your staff."
Madelyn D., Kinnelon

"great check-up, friendly staff"
Debbiw K., West Milford

"I have been a patient here for awhile. My visit was very thorough and professional and I feel good about that."
Stephen S., West Milford

"A friend told me about Dr. Shnayder. Everyone here is very pleasant and welcoming."
Kim D., West Milford

"a very professional atmosphere. you get all the help you need."
P.L., Riverdale

"My parents told me about Dr. Shnayder and we come a long distance. My visit was excellent. The entire staff is very helpful and my eye exam was very detailed."
Rafael F., Hackensack

"I found Dr. Shnayder on the Blue Cross Website. He gets 10s across the board."
Rosanne S., Butler

"Very pleasant, everyone was courteous and the exam was quick and efficient."
Karl B., Lincoln Park

"Been coming here a long time. It's very pleasant."
Louise E., Wayne

"I've been coming to Dr. Shnayder since he took over from Dr. Casteluccci. Dr. Shnayder is very professional and courteous."
Cynthia P., Pompton Lakes

"Dr. Shnayder is competent and informative. He took the necessary time to answer my questions."
Donald M., Pequannock

I found Dr. Shnayder to be very pleasant. I was referred to him by Dr. Platt."
Henry M., West Milford

"My visit was fun, fun, fun, etc. My dad recommended me and my husband to Dr. Shnayder"
Anne Marie S., Butler

"I had a fine visit and it was uneventful. that of course is good news. Been coming here for a long time."
Vincent E., Newfoundland

"Dr. Shnayder's professionalism towards his patients is outstanding."
Michael M., West Milford

"This office has a pleasant atmosphere and the staff and doctor are very efficient."
Frank K., Saddle Brook

"I am a long time patient. The staff and service are good."
Jonathan S., West Milford

"Heard about Dr. Shnayder from Dr. Platt. He is very pleasant."
Thea W., Vernon

"Brought both my mom and dad here for eye checkups. Dr. Shnayder and staff were very thorough."
Jeff G., Greenwood Lake, NY

"Dr. Shnayder is very thorough and professional...been coming here since Dr. Castelucci."
Jeanne B., Milton (Jefferson Twp.)

"For today's visit I was taken on time. The staff was very pleasant. The office is updated and there is a professional atmosphere."
Angela R., Bloomingdale

"Heard about Dr. Shnayder from a co-worker. Very pleasant, efficient and the office has a nice ambiance."
Bill M., Wayne

"Dr. Shnayder was very efficient and gave me a very thorough examination. The receptionist is also friendly."
Ralph S., Pompton Plains

"You have a very kind, helpful staff. I had a very pleasant visit."
Tracy C., Oakland

"My visit was informative. All my problems were explained."
Elaine P., Pompton Plains

"Professional, prompt and pleasant."
Joe R., Oak Ridge

"The office is very clean. I had a quick, pleasant visit with friendly care."
Donald C., Oakland

"Excellent service and diagnostics."
Robert R., Newfoundland

"Been coming to Dr. Shnayder for years. He is pleasant and thorough."
Susan L., West Milford

"I'm a long time patient here. Always have a very pleasant visit. Staff is very friendly."
Albert F., Bloomingdale

"Very attractive staff, doctor and surroundings. Smooth, friendly, and efficient staff and doctor."
Geri W., Kinnelon

"Been a patient of Dr. Shnayder's. He gave me a very thorough exam. Love the new facility!"
Haley S., Montville

"My husband also comes to this office. Dr. Shnayder is very professional and pleasant."
Cheryl S., Pompton Plains

"Friends told me about Dr. Shnayder. I had an excellent, relaxed visit."
Betsy W., Stockholm

"My wife also comes here to Dr. Shnayder. He is efficient and thorough."
Joe M., Sparta

" I learned about the doctor on the internet. He is very good. i was very satisfied with his treatment and advice."
Wael F., Kinnelon

"Painless. Everyone was friendly."
Alice D., Butler, NJ

"A friend told me about Dr. Shnayder. He is very professional, caring and non-stressful."
Mary M., Butler, NJ

"Dr. Shnayder and his staff are professional."
Mary W., Wayne, NJ

"I have a cataract in my left eye. I came to Dr. Shnayder on the recommendation of a friend. The doctor and his staff are friendly and professional."
Yuri Y., Morristown, NJ

"As always Dr. Shnayder is pleasant and addresses my concerns."
Norma S., West Milford, NJ

"My recent visit was pleasant in all respects".
Harold E., Denville, NJ

Dr. Shnayder and his staff are excellent."
Helen A., Hewitt, NJ

"The doctor and staff are very friendly and very professional."
Maggie F., Stockholm, NJ

"I've been here before. The office is very friendly & very thorough."
Margaret C., Butler, NJ

"My visit was friendly, helpful and came with good news. No change in glasses."
Stella R., Bloomingdale, NJ

"Been coming here since I was 18. Pleasantly treated by a very competent staff including Bob in Hillcrest Opticians."
Beth M., Kinnelon, NJ

"I am a long time patient. Very comfortable offices. Everyone is very professional, efficient and pleasant."
John C., Hamburg, NJ

"I am a returning patient. Everything was very satisfactory."
Jan F., Kinnelon, NJ

"Very enjoyable with Dr. Shnayder and all his help."
Gloria K., Lincoln Park, NJ

"I enjoy coming in. The office is lovely. Everyone is very pleasant. I'm a long time patient."
Eileen F., Pompton Lakes, NJ

"Pleasant, efficient, thorough, professional...a great exam."
Judy C., Bloomingdale, NJ

"My parents are patients too. My visit was excellent. A very pleasant, enjoyable experience."
Katie B., Oak Ridge, NJ

Janice N., Pompton Plains, NJ

"I was referred by some friends. The staff is pleasant. Nice new office. All exams were thorough and done efficiently."
Thomas C., West Milford, NJ